MS Word Document Recovery Fixes Corrupt Word Documents

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We are all pretty familiar with Microsoft Office suite. It is one of the best and popular desktop applications of all time, which is designed by Microsoft. Microsoft Office is a set of several applications which are very helpful in business world, home and education. Microsoft Word is one of them. It is one of the most common and popular applications of Microsoft Office suite. It is the best word-processing program for creating, formatting, editing, saving and printing electronic documents. It has become an extremely useful tool for every businesses or organizations. In offices we use it for creating memos, letters, legal copies and other documents; in educational institutions we use it for word processing and typing; and in home we can use it for any purpose whatsoever like business, educational or personal.

DOC is the file format, which is commonly used by Microsoft Word program. DOC stands for documents. There are different types of DOC formats, which are categorized below according to their versions:

  1. DOC or.docm (Document): DOC is the default file format of MS Word documents, which stores data in a single binary file. It may contain formatted text, images, tables, graphs and charts, page formatting and print settings. It is used in MS Office 2003 and its earlier versions.
  2. DOCX or.docx (MS Office Open XML Format Document): DOCX is the new file format, which is created in Open XML format. It stores documents as a collection of files and folders in compressed form. It can be opened in MS Word 2007 and its later versions.
  3. DOCM or.docm (Microsoft Office Open XML Format Document with Macros enabled): DOCM file contains embedded macros, which can be applied on documents. It can be saved by using the Open XML based word document format and opened in MS Office 2007 and its previous versions.
  4. DOTX or.dotx (Microsoft Office Open XML Format Template): DOCX file format is a combination of XML architecture and ZIP compression for size reduction. It is the new file format for MS Office documents. It can be easily opened in MS Word 2007 or its previous versions of MS Word with open XML document support.
  5. DOTM or.dotm (Microsoft Office Open XML Format Template with Macros enabled): DOTM is document template, which contains the default layout, settings and embedded macros. It creates multiple macro-enabled documents with similar formatting and macros. It can be easily opened in MS Word 2007 and its previous versions.

These file extensions are used by Microsoft Word processor. But, do you know that MS Word documents are prone to corruption? The documents, what we create with a lot of hard work, can be lost forever due to corruption. In these days file corruption has become a daily occurrence, which affects a lot of computer users. It is one of the main reasons of data loss. MS Word documents are not immune to corruption as they can be easily corrupted due to several reasons, such as:

  1. Malicious virus infection or attack on MS Word documents;
  2. Unfinished or improperly cancellation of MS Word;
  3. Abruptly system shut down due to sudden power outage;
  4. Software collision or malfunction;
  5. System hard drive or hardware failure;
  6. Using low computer RAM;

These are some most prominent reasons for document corruption. Whenever a Word document gets corrupted it becomes inaccessible or unable to be opened. In this situation MS Word tool becomes unable to open or read the documents. It must be the most frustrating situation for any MS Word user. A corrupt Word file cannot be opened until we repair it. There are three possible solutions mentioned below, which must be chosen to fix corrupt Word documents:

  1. Open and Repair: “Open and Repair” is a built-in repair feature of Microsoft Word. We must try it to repair corrupt word documents. It is very simple and effective solution to fix corrupt documents. To use this feature, we need to follow these steps: >Open MS Word program. >Click on Office button. >Click on Open. >Select file from system directory. Select only one file at a time. >Scroll down the arrow on the Open button. >Select Open and Repair.
  2. By using OpenOffice Writer, WordPad or by changing the file format: If the above solution doesn’t work, then we must try to open our corrupt Word file in OpenOffice Writer or WordPad. If the file gets opened, then we can copy the content of our file and paste it into a new word file. Or we can change the file format of Word document to.rtf or.txt format. Although we may lose the text formatting, but we can recover our content of the file.
  3. By using a third-party Microsoft Word Recovery: This is the last solution, but not the least one. In fact it is one of the most effective solutions. We can use Microsoft Word Recovery to recover data from corrupt Word documents. It can effectively repair corrupt files and recover data from them. Third-party tools are available with free demo version. Therefore, we must try demo version before buying any of them.


Source by Naitik Semwaal