How to set up Google Search Console- A Step-by-step Guide

In this blog post, I’ve listed some things for How to set up Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is an unquestionable requirement for any business planning to get more website traffic from search engines. Not clear what Google Search Console is and why you should utilize it? Peruse our Google Search Console blog first.

How to set up Google Search Console

First of all, you need to set up Google Analytics for your website or blog, then set up Google Search Console was far better and easy.

  • Visit the Google Search Console webmaster tool web page.
  • Using the Gmail account, first of all, you need to sign in. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are must login with the same Gmail account.
  • If you don’t have a Gmail account, you need to create a Gmail account before using GSC or Google Analytics.
  • Once you logged in, click on the add a property and enter your website URL and click on continue.
  • Next, Google Search Console asked to verify your site.
  • Use any one of the given methods to ensure GSC that you are the owner.
    • You can upload an HTML file.
    • Or, by far the easiest method, You can add an HTML tag.
    • You can verify with Google Tag.
    • You can add Google Analytics Tracking ID.
  • Now click on the verify button, and that’s it!

What next?

Once you have done with setting up your Google Search Console, you have to wait for a week to index or access data for your website. Initially, Google Search Console isn’t exciting. Next, you have to do with creating an XML sitemap and submit it. This will help Google search engines to crawl your site easily and index it more quickly.

When you use WordPress, you can install Yoast SEO plugins which will generate an XML sitemap automatically.

yoast-seo-xml-sitemaps-How to set up Google Search Console

When your sitemap is live and successfully created for your website, then submit your sitemap on your Google Search Console. If you don’t know to build and submit a sitemap, read this article.

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