How is Word Document Password Recovery Possible?

  Microsoft Office

Did you receive a word document from your boss that is protected? Or do you want to re-gain access to an old assignment that you wrote a long time ago which is protected? These are only a couple of situations that many people face who don’t have or remember the password to a Microsoft word document. Now if you would like to gain access to these protected files and want to understand how “Word Doc Password Recovery” is possible then continue reading…

It wasn’t possible a few years ago to gain acces to protected files but these days there have been significant advances in technology and there have been specific methods created to crack MS Office Passwords:

First of all Microsoft word has three different types of passwords:

1. “Password to open”

2. “Password to modify”

3. “Protect document password”

Now it is possible to view and edit the “password to modify” with a hex editor so you may be able to recover that using the hex editor. Also when a user sets a “Protect document password”, the 32-bit password hash is stored in the Microsoft Word document. Therefore that hash can be viewed or changed with a hex editor as well. To learn more about how to use the hex editor conduct a search on Google about word document password recovery using hex editor and you should know exactly what to do.

If you are looking to recover the “password to open” password then you will need some help as Microsoft doesn’t provide any regular utilizes to do so. It can be recovered using a couple of unique recovery methods, these methods are commonly known as dictionary attack and brute force attack. There are several programs available that acquire the capabilities of recovering Microsoft word and office passwords using these methods and they should be able to easily help you recover them.

Personally, when I couldn’t access a very important document that I forgot the password to, I used a program called Office Password Recovery Pro to re-gain access to my word document. It is a great program that offers a Free Download, is very easy to use, and will be able to recover any Microsoft office password within a few minutes, no matter how long or complex it is.

Therefore if you were wondering How Word Doc Password Recovery is possible then you could either use the hex editor, or if you wish to recover a “password to open” password then you could use dictionary attack or brute force attack. Both methods are guaranteed to work and recover your documents, so get cracking and re-gain access to those precious files today!


Source by Vikram Singh